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Testing Equipment

This page presents an overview of our most important instruments. There are many others too specialized to list, and we frequently work with sponsors to identify and source equipment specific to a given project. Please reach out to us with any questions:

Many of our instruments can be relocated between our facilities as required by a project, or operate at a sponsor's site or in remote field locations. Nearly any combination of instruments can be integrated through our flexible in-house software, in order to fulfill either typical testing requirements or specialized research projects.

Power and Mechanical Loading

800 horsepower engine dynamometer

Engine Dynamometers

CAFEE has dyno-tested engines as small as lawnmowers and refrigeration units, to ones large enough for some of the largest on-road trucks and virtually anywhere in-between.

Chassis Dynamometers

CAFEE has custom-engineered and constructed two inherently mobile chassis dynamometers for operation at our facilities or on site. We're proud to have offered this nearly unparalleled capability for almost two decades. When projects call for many heavy-duty vehicles to be tested, our ability to bring the dyno to the vehicles, rather than vice-versa, has enabled projects which would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

In the future we plan to offer even greater capacity in a stationary form at our Vehicle and Engine Testing Laboratory, which will also reduce scheduling conflicts with our mobile offerings.

mobile heavy duty chassis dynamometer

Gaseous Emissions

CAFEE has a large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment for the measurement of exhaust gas concentrations. Most of the systems are suitable for both raw and dilute emissions testing. Some analysis systems are dedicated to a particular laboratory but most are interchangeable between laboratory and field use, for both stationary engine or chassis dynamometer testing, or even use in a moving vehicle (in-use testing).

Horiba MEXA 7000 Series Gas Analysis Systems

A MEXA-7000 series Gas Analysis Systems being used

CAFEE maintains several complete functioning MEXA 7000 instruments, known for state-of the-art quantification of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and oxides of nitrogen with accuracy compliant to the most stringent regulations. In addition, we maintain a field-operated MEXA 7000 in raw-sampled mode, independent of the TEMS, which can be deployed in mobile testing applications.

Two Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Gas Analyzers

CAFEE maintains several MKS FTIR gas analyzers, which use state of the art semiconductor technology and advanced signal processing to quantify over a dozen different exhaust gas compounds simultaneously, far more than other analyzers, enabling advanced research and development projects.

Extremely useful for real-time hydrocarbon speciation, we have integrated an FTIR with almost all of our stationary and mobile operations, as well as using stand-alone applications.

Portable Emissions Measurement Systems

CAFEE’s Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) consists of a number of modular emissions analyzers that can be adapted to nearly any in-use or real road application. Our primary mobile equipment consists of:

Highly Sensitive Greenhouse Gas Analyzers

CAFEE has two cavity-enhanced absorption portable greenhouse gas analyzers (of different ranges) capable of measuring carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor simultaneously. The units are sensitive enough to accurately quantify ambient concentrations of each gas. We have used these to quantify ambient and fugitive emissions, wherein methane has escaped from natural gas extraction, processing and transport systems, natural gas engines and other sources such as landfills.

Individual Conventional Gas Analyzers

CAFEE has an inventory of conventional gas analyzers. Pictured below is a transportable modular system with sample pressure and temperature control, for raw emissions testing of locomotives.

individual conventional gas analyzers

Fuel Consumption and Flow

Liquid Fuels

We calibrate our gravimetric fuel consumption measurement devices to National Institute of Standards and Technology- traceable standards, compliant to the most stringent regulations. While the majority of our equipment is sized for heavy-duty diesel engines and vehicles, we have quantified fuel consumption accurately for engines as small as leaf-blowers to as large as locomotives and everywhere in-between.

locomotive gravimetric fuel consumption

Our equipment includes:

Gaseous Fuels

CAFEE has an inventory of gaseous mass flow instruments at our disposal of various capacities for natural gas fuel consumption, including:

Engine Computer Interfacing

Communication with J1939, J1708 and ISO 15765-4 compatible engine control units (ECU); recording of time-aligned broadcast data; interpreting standard protocol information.

Mobile CVS Laboratory

transportable emissions measurement system

The Transportable Emissions Measurement System, designed and built in-house by WVU, is targeted toward on-road and chassis dynamometer emissions measurements of advanced heavy-duty engines.

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