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Center for Alternative Fuels Engines and Emissions

Transportable Emissions
Measurement System

Beyond typical on-road portable emissions measurement systems, CAFEE maintains two fully transportable laboratories: the Transportable Emissions Measurement System and the transportable raw emissions laboratory.

The Transportable Emissions Measurement System, designed and built in-house by WVU, is targeted toward on-road and chassis dynamometer emissions measurements of advanced heavy-duty engines. TEMS provides transportable flexibility with full CVS laboratory-grade analytical capabilities and opens up new opportunities to study the impact of real-world environmental conditions on vehicle, engine and after-treatment performance.

The system consists of a fully transportable heavy-duty chassis dynamometer and an analytical trailer that houses a full-flow, constant volume sampling dilution system and Horiba MEXA 7200D gaseous analyzer bench. The TEMS can support a wide variety of field research, including: highly accurate fuel economy testing (e.g., for corporate average fuel economy), selective catalytic reduction efficiency and diesel particulate filter performance and greenhouse gas emissions quantification. The TEMS laboratory can also be used to do laboratory-grade in-use measurement for heavy-duty tractor trailers and has been used for emissions demonstration relative to the EPA’s clean alternative fuel converter program. The fully mobile aspect of this laboratory makes it ideal for high-altitude in-use emissions measurements, as well as other extreme environmental on-road environments.

In addition, CAFEE maintains a transportable raw emissions laboratory that can be transported to remote locations. The laboratory is capable of measuring raw emissions from locomotives and marine vessels, as well as stationary sources. Emissions from these tests are measured following various regulations depending on application, including CFR Title 40 Part 1065, Part 1033 and Parts 92 and 94. The transportable raw laboratory is outfitted with a number of modular gaseous and particulate matter measurement devices, and can be customized to suit the needs of nearly any project. Please contact us to discuss how this laboratory can work for you.

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