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Center for Alternative Fuels Engines and Emissions

Vehicle and Engine
Testing Laboratory

The Vehicle and Engine Testing Laboratory is a 10,000-square foot, off-campus facility currently under construction in Morgantown.

The laboratory is capable of measuring raw and dilute emissions from medium-duty trucks starting at 5000 lbs. GVW to heavy-duty tractors at up to 66,000 lbs. GVW with engines powered by many different types of fuels (i.e., gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel natural gas, methanol).

A wide variety of cycles can be programmed to simulate various types of in-use vehicle operation. The vehicles for which these engines subside are run on a chassis dynamometer that is programmed to simulate a test cycle of choice. The majority of the work performed by the MERL is measuring dilute emissions from buses, locomotives and heavy-duty trucks with large diesel engines. Regulated emissions from these tests are measured following the 40 CFR Part 1065 and Part 86 Subpart N.

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